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Outstanding Rural Middle School Teacher

Mary C. McIntyre, Otterville R-VI

Outstanding Rural Middle School Teacher

Mary C. McIntyre

Otterville R-VI School District

Mary McIntyre is a professional educator who continues to learn, engages students to do their best and goes out of her way to do what is best for the students. Mary does not accept mediocrity.Her expectation is that all students will learn.Arriving early and staying late, she dedicates her time to tutor students that are struggling and to also offer enrichment to students that are thriving.When one enters Mrs. McIntyre’s classroom, they are immediately aware of her positive attitude and love for her students.Described by one of her colleagues, “she is confident, patient, compassionate, and always has her students’ best interest in mind.”

How in her 31st year as a valued member of the Otterville faculty, Mary presently teaches middle school math and middle school science.Her enthusiasm, her innovativeness, and her genuine concern for education are exemplary.While many teachers express concern with teaching middle school students, Mrs. McIntyre understands middle school students and has an excellent rapport with them. She has high and clear expectations for her classes and the students strive to reach those goals.

Mrs. McIntyre as a professional educator, continues to learn.Mary recently became an emints certified teacher and uses appropriate contemporary pedagogy in the classroom.She constantly uses student data to drive instruction, gives student immediate feedback and has outstanding skills at engaging her students in the task at hand.She is described by a colleague as one of the better teachers known for pinpointing a student’s curricular weaknesses and then personalizing a learning plan for them.

Mrs. McIntyre’s dedication to her students has paid off. She has numerous students place in the conference math contests including a second place in the Cooper County Activities Association Jr. High Math Competition in 2013.She was also recognized by her peers in 2006 by being selected as the recipient of the Outstanding Educator of the Year for Otterville.

Holding her students to high standards by continuously challenging them to solve problems and learn from their mistakes, her willingness to help any child succeed, as well as being an invaluable staff member, makes it appropriate to congratulate Mary McIntyre as Missouri’s Outstanding Rural Middle School Teacher for 2014.