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Outstanding Rural Support Staff Member

Lois Stacy, North Wood R-IV

Outstanding Rural Support Staff Member

Lois Stacy

 North Wood R-IV School District

Lois Stacy is a woman of many skills, talents, and hats. For over eighteen years, Mrs. Stacy has been the glue that holds the North Wood elementary school together.Mrs. Stacy works as the district bookkeeper and central office secretary serving for most of these years as the “backbone” of school operations.In addition, Lois serves as secretary to the North Wood School Board.Day or night, she answers the calls for help.

Mrs. Stacy is a leader and a team player simultaneously in the central office.She knows how to give direction, and how to help others complete any task at hand. Lois is tireless in her pursuit of a job not just well-done, but perfectly performed, which speaks to her commitment not just to the organization, but to each and every one of the staff, parents and students served.Without her true dedication, days could be filled with chaos.

Mrs. Stacy is the “go-to” staff member, whose job is not always pleasant.You see, she may hand out the paychecks, at which time we smile thankfully. She may lend a non-judgmental ear when we need to vent, and gives us the “Atta Boy” speech to get us though trying times.But she’s also the one who gets to tell us, “So sorry, but you’re out of personal or sick days” or “Joe went home sick, we can’t find a sub, and you need to cover preschool for the next hour.”

Far beyond the many things that she does for the students and their families, Mrs. Stacy volunteers time in the district’s on-site daycare to care for babies and toddlers.She organizes volleyball tournaments to aide families or organizations in need.She is always the first to donate to any cause that makes the school family stronger.At the end of a day, when all duties are finished, she is always the one to have that extra bit of energy to support staff and students during other activities.

Lois Stacy is a testament to and validation of her commitment and service to the North Wood school district, insuring the students are educated and the school operates cohesively, makes it fitting for her selection as Missouri’s Outstanding Rural Support Staff member for 2014.