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Missouri Association of Rural Education



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Building Administrator Search

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The MARE organization is available to all school districts throughout Missouri to facilitate Building Administrator Searches.  MARE prides itself in being able to help school districts locate and employ leaders in a very cost competitive manner.

In an effort to maintain cost effectiveness, MARE’s Building Administrator searches make significant utility of technology to facilitate its work with boards of education who are seeking interested candidates.  Mailings, notifications, listings, reviews, profiles, and other search techniques are efficiently designed and delivered to allow MARE to offer its search services at a reasonable cost to the school district.  The following charges apply:

Building Enrollment


Building Enrollment


200 students or less


1001 – 1200 students


201 – 400 students


1201 – 1400 students


401 – 600 students


1401 – 1600 students


601 –  800 students


Above 1601 students


801 – 1000 students




Search Consultant will meet with district board designated personnel to review unique elements of the school building. 

· Identify key expectations for the successful candidate. 

· Designation of required vs. desired candidate criteria. 

· Identify elements of the compensation package.

· Composition of the vacancy notice.

· Review application process, roles, and establish time lines.

If a non-member district engages MARE to conduct their Building Administrator search,

MARE will include in the above professional charges a full year’s membership in the MARE organization for that school district.

School districts interested in more information about the building administrator search services should forward inquires to:


MARE Building Administrator Searches

Mr. Kevin F. Sandlin - Executive Director

710 North College Avenue, Suite C

Warrensburg, MO  64093

Phone:  (660) 747-8050

Fax:  (660) 747-8160

Email:  ksandlin@moare.com