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Missouri Association of Rural Education

About MARE


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This association is an organization of school administrators, board members, teachers, parents, institutions of higher education, businessmen and women -- all who are interested in serving rural community school districts in Missouri.  The purpose of this association is to focus on the needs and concerns unique to rural education, to provide a forum for the discussion and resolution of those needs and concerns, and to present a unified voice to promote rural education in Missouri.


  1. To unite all of those interested in the improvement of education in rural Missouri.
  2. To work to obtain legislation to benefit the schools of rural Missouri.
  3. To encourage and pursue equal and quality educational opportunities for all children of rural Missouri.
  4. To give voice and recognition to schools in rural Missouri.
  5. To seek out and enlist the support of friends of education in rural Missouri.
  6. To serve as the state advocate and representative of education in rural Missouri at state, regional and national levels.
  7. To assist members of boards of education in rural Missouri to become better qualified for their duties and to meet any training requirements imposed by the state.  Such assistance to boards of education should be scheduled at times and locations most convenient to local board members.


  1. Identify concerns about education in rural Missouri.
  2. Assess the needs and effectiveness of education in rural Missouri.
  3. Identify, encourage and reward exemplary programs in rural Missouri.
  4. Provide a forum for teachers, board members, administrators, parents and business leaders whereby they may come together professionally to exchange ideas and solve educational problems.
  5. Collect statistical data and information on promising practices and share this with educators in rural Missouri.
  6. Encourage and assist in the sharing of services and resources among rural schools and also with education organizations and agencies.
  7. Encourage teacher education institutions, regulatory agencies and legislators to consider the specific needs of education in rural Missouri when making decisions.
  8. Work with such organizations as the National Rural Education Association to find better ways to provide an education to the students of rural Missouri.
  9. Develop a liaison with the State Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, concerning the needs of schools in rural Missouri.