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MARE Welcomes MASA Medical Transport Solutions as New Associate Member

Attached is a St. Louis Post Dispatch Article that came out today further exposing this Air Ambulance Balance Billing and sending individuals who cant pay to collection agencies if they don't pay. Also this mentions at the fourth paragraph from the bottom Anthem BC/BS and United Health Care have no in network air ambulance provides. These individuals are instantly exposed to this problem and balance billing.   






MARE Welcomes MASA Medical Transport Solutions as New Associate Member and Endorsed Provider


The MARE Executive Board is pleased to announce our latest facilitated school services agreement (endorsement) with MASA Medical Transport Solutions.  Medical Transport Solutions offers an outstanding insurance benefit program that provides medical emergency transportation (ground and air) and covers the individual’s out of pocket medical transport costs when the insurance falls short.  With MASA Medical Transport Solutions you have ZERO out of pocket expenses for any emergent air or ground transport, regardless of who transports you.  MASA offers three different plan options and can either be structured as an employee purchased benefit through monthly payroll deduct or as a district provided benefit paid monthly.  Our Missouri Regional Sales Director is Mr. Andrew Zink.  He can be reached by phone at (314) 540-5729 or by email at azink@masamts.com. Your participation in this program not only benefits your district employees, but it also benefits the MARE organization.  This program is available for our Associate Members and other businesses and organizations as well!   For more information on this exciting program, please check out the links below:

MASA Medical Transport Solutions - New Flyer


Attached is a digital copy of the 500 MASA Flyers I will be bringing on Monday. Also the St. Louis Post Dispatch just had an article come out yesterday that is a perfect example of the extortion of air ambulance companies as well as primary health insurance only paying what themselves deem as usual and customary charge. This article shows both company's Air-Evac and Blue Cross Blue Shield are both at fault for this individual receiving a balance bill. Only a MASA Membership can provide coverage on, Any Air. Any Ground. Any Where. Also attached to this email is a copy of the ABC Nightline News Video conducted a year ago exposing air ambulances companies and their tactics. I would encourage you to utilize this material when possible as it will increase awareness of the issue as well as the importance of the MASA Membership. 

"Obviously, no one plans for a situation like this ... but the whole reason for having insurance is to cover this type of stuff," the father of the St. Louis


The hidden cost of half-hour flight to the hospital: $50,000.