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Legal Articles

Various representatives from the legal firms that support MARE as Associate Members have agreed to provide us with timely legal articles on a variety of issues that face Missouri public schools and their leaders.  I would encourage you to check this site often for the most recent additions to the listing.  Share this information with others within your district and in neighboring districts so that everyone is "in the know" concerning relevant legal matters.  Special thanks to our friends at EdCounsel, LLC; Guin Mundorf, LLC; Mickes O'Toole, LLC and Tueth Keeney, LLC.  

"Supreme Court Rules: Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Discrimination is Illegal Sex Discrimination under Title VII" by Patrick J. Brazill with Mickes O'Toole, LLC




Department of Labor Notice Requirements Under the FFCRA


The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), which expanded emergency FMLA and paid sick leave includes a notice requirement for employers. Below are links to the required employer notice as well as a FAQ about posting the notice.

Note posting may be fulfilled by emailing to remote workers.



Direct link to Notice:



Download Notice
Federal Government Responds to Coronavirus Pandemic With New Requirements for School Districts Regarding Paid And Unpaid Leave
Hours ago the federal government passed the first substantial change to paid leave laws in...

Mickes O'Toole, LLC
12444 Powerscourt Dr., Suite 400
St. Louis, Missouri 63131

"Don't Forget About Substitutes! Examining the Obligation to Provide Substitute Teachers with Key Student Information" by Betsy Helfrich with Mickes O'Toole, LLC

"Medical Marijuana: The Highlights" by Anne Kerns with Mickes O'Toole, LLC

Missouri Supreme Court Rules in LGBT Cases by Wendy Boggiano with Mickes O'Toole, LLC

""Are You Ready to Roll Out an SPO Officer in Your School" by Brittany Newell with Mickes O'Toole, LLC

Prevailing Wage Law Update" by Chris Pittman with EdCounsel, LLC

"School Safety" by Emily Wopata with EdCounsel, LLC

"Protection Against Sexual Orientation Continues to Broaden" by Brittany Newell with Mickes O'Toole, LLC

"After the Election: School Board Reorganization" by Amy Clendennen with Tueth Keeney Cooper Mohan & Jackstadt, PC

"It's one, two, three strikes you're out....Spring Personnel Decisions for Certified Personnel" by Kristen O'Neal with EdCounsel, LLC

"New Construction Project Delivery Methods and When to Use Them" by Jeff Klusmeier with Guin Mundorf, LLC

"Navigating a Child Complaint" by Adam Henningsen with Guin Mundorf, LLC

"Strategies for Late Teacher Resignations in a Climate of Teacher Shortages" by Ryan VanFleet with EdCounsel, LLC

"Relative Caregivers, Limited Guardianships and Student Enrollment: What Does Missouri Law Actually Require?" by Danielle McAfee with EdCounsel, LLC

"Section 504: What's New and What's Next" by Betsey Helfrich with Mickes O'Toole, LLC

"Accomodating Employees When They Return to Work (or Don't Return)" by Stephen Freeland with Guin Mundorf, LLC

"Tackling Tough Enrollment and Residency Issues" by Ryan Fry, with Guin Mundorf, LLC

"Being Too Nice in Performance Evaluations" by Brian Mayer with EdCounsel, LLC

"How to Process a Continuous Wage Garnishment under the New Rules" by Johanna Shallenberger, Mickes O'Toole, LLC

"Limitations on Working After Retirement: It's Not Just for Employees Anymore" by Kristen O'Neal with EdCounsel, LLC

"Meal Charge Policies: Addressing Unpaid Balances" by Ryan VanFleet with EdCounsel, LLC

"Missouri Human Rights Act Changes" by Brian Mayer with EdCounsel, LLC

"Dealing with the Spearin Doctrine: Drafting Disclaimers" by Ryan VanFleet with EdCounsel, LLC

"Student Drug Testing Policies: What Districts Should Know" by Danielle McAfee with EdCounsel, LLC

"Student Searches" by Brian Mayer with EdCounsel, LLC

"Legislating Bullying: A Brave New World" by Natalie Hoernschmeyer, Esq. with MIckes O'Toole, LLC

"Tis the Season - Election Season That Is" by Christi Swick with Mickes O'Toole, LLC