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Kaitlyn Lewis

2012 Philip C. Dorth Scholarship Recipient

Kaitlyn Lewis is a graduate of King City High School, King City, Missouri.  She is currently attending University of Missouri – Columbia, Missouri, majoring in Special Education.

Kaithlyn shares that one thing that attracts her to teaching in a rural community is the fact that everything centers around the school and it receives a lot of community support.  The school is the heart of the town.  Community members look forward to events such as games, plays, fundraisers, and dances and come out in full force to watch or give their support.  Another is being able to build relationship with students by learning their names and their interests.

A college instructor shares that from day one, Kaitlyn’s charisma and ability to connect with classmates and course material alike have driven her proven academic success.  Through and through, Kaitlyn’s goal-oriented spirit for education is apparent in her dedicated work ethic and curiosity.  In addition, Kaitlyn possesses a diversity of leadership and professional experiences that continue to support her goals as a College of Education Special Education student.  In particular, Kaitlyn’s activism for the Central Missouri Food Bank and Camp Courage has given her invaluable opportunities for hands-on learning through civic service.

Building on a desire to advance a family tradition in teacher education, we offer congratulations to Kaitlyn Lewis as the 2012 Philip C. Dorth Scholarship recipient.