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2006 Outstanding Rural Elementary Teacher

Pam Johnson

Pam Johnson, Outstanding Rural Elementary Teacher, Avenue City Elementary School

Pam Johnson, a teacher of many subjects and levels, but most importantly many students; has a career in the education field which spans 26 years.  Her entire teaching career has been at the elementary level and has been in the Avenue City Elementary School District. 

Pam began her teaching career during the 1980-81 school year at Avenue City.  During her first year, the district placed a telephone in her classroom.  She had to have a phone in her room because the school did not have a secretary and when the phone rang it was one of her duties to answer it and take messages.  

Mrs. Johnson has taught students at many different levels.  She has taught preschool for three year old students, preschool for four-year old students, kindergarten, physical education for students in grades K-8, Health classes for students in grades K-8, split level third/fourth grade class, third grade and fourth grade. 

Pam's teaching never became stale.  She constantly looked for new ways for children to learn.  Her hands-on-learning, no-nonsense approach to education helps her students succeed in real-life and on standardized tests.  One of Pam's many talents is the uses of technology in her classroom . She is now a leader in technology at the Avenue City school.  She has created a class web page, has helped other teachers with technology, and most importantly teaches students to utilize technology in their learning. 

One of her former students shares, that because of her dedication, her strict yet caring mannerisms, and her fun nature, I believe she has truly dedicated her life to students.  She made sure to never let a child leave her classroom without learning that fun and discipline can be intertwined.  At the forefront of my visions of third grade I can see her handing out Ho-Ho's, sometimes referred to as Swiss Cake Rolls.  In a very believable manner she told us that she had a Ho-Ho machine at her house and that she could make them everyday for us if we deserved them. 

Pam Johnson is respected by her co-workers, always quick to lend a helping hand.  She is described by a parent as being very good at communicating with the rest of the staff and with parents.  She is definitely a team player. 

Mrs. Johnson is well organized, very knowledgeable, and most of all, loved by many.  Her love for teaching and for her students makes it appropriate that we congratulate her as Missouri's Outstanding Rural Elementary Teacher for 2006.