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Boardworks is Now Nearpod - Meet Ian Mathews

K-12 supplemental resources to empower teachers and engage students!


Nearpod is the most comprehensive supplemental instructional platform for educators in the K-12 space across all content areas. It helps assist in the delivery of interactive & engaging teaching/learning experiences and gives teachers 20+ differentiated formative assessment options to measure student learning.


Benefits of Nearpod for MARE member districts:

  • Engaging ALL Learners: Nearpod's interactive activities like polls, open-ended questions, and collaborative drawing tools keep students in remote and smaller classrooms actively participating, regardless of location or learning style.
  • Combating the Digital Divide: With offline access and low-bandwidth options, Nearpod ensures all students can participate, even with limited internet access, a common challenge in rural areas.
  • Boosting Teacher Efficiency: The platform's pre-made lessons and activities aligned with Missouri standards save valuable time for busy rural teachers, allowing them to focus on personalized instruction.
  • Building Community & Collaboration: Features like live audio and real-time feedback enable meaningful interaction between students, even across remote locations, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Nearpod's detailed analytics provide teachers with insights into student understanding, enabling them to tailor instruction and support individual needs effectively.
  • Pricing - Specialized pricing to fit rural school budgets.


By bridging the gap between physical and digital spaces, Nearpod empowers rural Missouri schools to create engaging and equitable learning experiences for all students.




GO CHIEFS!!!!                                                                





Ian Mathews

Account Executive

M: (913) 660-2645

We believe teaching is the most important job in the world!