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Aubry Brown

2009 Associated Electric Scholarship

Aubry Brown 2009 Associated Electric Scholarship

Aubry Brown is a graduate of the Jefferson City High School, Jefferson City, Missouri.  She is currently attending the University of Missouri - Columbia, Missouri, majoring in Elementary Education.


People always want what they don’t have, but rarely do people get to experience life in someone else's shoes.  In the children's book, The Country Mouse and the City Mouse, the mice want to experience a life they have never had.  The country mouse longs to experience life in the city and the city mouse longs to experience life in the country.  For most of my life I have been that "city mouse."  


Following graduation from high school, Aubry attended Ozark Christian and later transferred to Crowder College in Neosho, Missouri.  While at Crowder she had the opportunity to live with a family in a rural community.  This gave Aubry the opportunity to work on a farm, and learn many valuable lessons.  She learned:

  • Not every town has a Wal-Mart or even a gas station
  • "Walking chickens" means you pick up the dead chickens.
  • How to garden and can food.
  • When someone waves, it doesn’t mean they know you but is merely a friendly gesture.

One of her college instructors shares that Aubry was always concerned about doing well in her classes; even more importantly, as a future teacher, she was interested in others being successful.  Her caring attitude toward others made her even more successful.


Aubry concludes, "But unlike the city mouse, when I went to the country I never had any doubts about my choice.  Living and teaching in a rural community is exactly where I am supposed to be."


Congratulations to Aubry Brown the 2009 Associated Electric Scholarship recipient.