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2005 Outstanding Rural Support Staff

Debroah Loucks

Deborah Loucks has worked continuously in the Mound City R-II School District, Mound City, Missouri for the past 32 years. Starting fresh from college, she entered the world of secretaries serving at the high school level. For the past fourteen years she has been the district bookkeeper, as well as serving as the Superintendent's secretary and Board of Education secretary.

Behind every successful school superintendent, principal, food service director, board of directors and school system, is the secretary/bookkeeper. Mrs. Loucks is known as the "friendly secretary" to the whole community and abroad. The knowledge and skills acquired during her tenure are not only recognized by the Mound City district's staff and patrons, but in other Northwest Missouri school districts as well.

A staff member comments, "I have never seen anyone who can always wear a smile, be genuinely happy, and be as efficient at her work as Mrs. Loucks." She has a passion for perfectionism and her organizational skills propel her to accomplish multiple tasks in an exemplary fashion. Mrs. Loucks is a role model not only to myself, but also to the faculty, parents and students.

Without a doubt her single most favorable trait is humor. There is not a day that passes without some type of hilarious event that she generates. Her nature is driven by a simple motto, "we are here to serve." Her daily routine is built on a philosophy that, she chooses her attitude which is to enjoy her work, she plays as she has fun and is pleasant around staff, students, and patrons, she is present , meaning she is fully focused on making sure everything entrusted to her is accurately handled and she makes people's day by making sure all the paperwork is in order and everyone paid!

Over the past 32 years, Deborah Loucks has seen many changes in way school districts function. Her work ethic is a direct reflection of the open, friendly, and honest atmosphere she creates and maintains in the central office. Her organization, resourcefulness, and warm disposition makes it fitting for her selection as the Missouri Outstanding Rural Support Staff member for 2005.