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Missouri Association of Rural Education



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Superintendency Search

The MARE Superintendent Search Process is available to all school districts throughout Missouri.  MARE prides itself in facilitating Superintendent Searches that result in  school districts locating and employing leaders in a very cost competitive manner, recognizing the importance of school budget oversight that is expected of responsible local school board members.   A conservative fee structure is considered an expression of the MARE commitment to public school service.  

In an effort to maintain cost effectiveness, MARE's Superintendency Searches make significant usage of technology to facilitate its work with boards of education who are seeking interested candidates. Mailings, notifications, listings, reviews, profiles, and other search techniques are efficiently designed and delivered to allow MARE to offer its search services at a reasonable cost to the school district. The following charges apply:

District Enrollment Professional Charge District Enrollment Professional Charge
500 students or less $3,500 2501--3000 students $6,000
501--1000 students $4,000 3001--3500 students $6,500
1001--1500 students $4,500 3501--4000 students $7,000
1501--2000 students $5,000 Above 4000 students $7,500
2001--2500 students $5,500 (Effective 7-1-2021)  

If a school district is current in their annual membership with MARE, the above professional charges will include the official mailings to every district in the state of Missouri. If a non-member district engages MARE to conduct their Superintendent Search, MARE will include an additional charge of $400.00 (K-8 Districts) or $500.00 (K-12 Districts) for the respective district's first full year of MARE Association Membership.  

School districts interested in more information about the MARE Superintendent Search Program should contact Kevin Sandlin, Executive Director, at (660) 747-8050 or (660) 351-0596 or by email at ksandlin@moare.com.  

MARE will provide the following services to MARE member school districts wishing to conduct their own search:

  • Listing of the opening in the MARE Focus (e-mailing to all Missouri districts)
  • Listing of the opening on the MARE web-site (home page with link)
  • Sample sets of interview questions (no cost)
  • Set of Missouri School District mailing labels (cost = $10.00)